Regional Service Priorities

The table below communicates respondents responses when asked to rate the top Regional Service Priorities in their community. The priorities are as follows: Affordable Housing, Infrastructure Improvements, Workforce Development, Entrepreneur/Small Business Development, High Speed Internet Access, Public Services, Water Supply/Quality, Agriculture Support, Resources for Emergency Services, Rural Medical Services, and Other. 

Regional Service Priorities identified by community members

Economic Development Strategies

Respondents were asked to choose the top strategies that would benefit their community's economic development efforts. The top strategies are: Infrastructure (Utilities, Transportation Needs, Technology, etc.), Workforce Development and Retention, Quality of Life (Parks and Recreation, Elimination of Nuisance Properties, Better Housing , etc.), Sustainable Development Measures, Talent Attraction, and Business Retention/Expansion Programs.

Top Strategies identified by community members to benefit their community

Capital Improvement Priorities

Respondents were asked what capital improvements should be priorities. Priorities were ranked numerically from 1 to 5 (1 = Little to No Priority, 5 = High Priority). Road improvements, Water and Sewer, and Public Housing were all ranked as high priority, Sidewalks a moderate to high priority, and Parks, Resurfacing, Parking, and Downtown Revitalization all ranked as a moderate priority.

Capital improvements identified by community members as priorities

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