Goal 5

Encourage and support the development of a region with a diversified economy where all residents can live healthy and productive lives, regardless of age or ability.

The KIPDA region provides a blend of urban and rural life, a strong regional economy, and numerous recreational and cultural amenities. Our goal is to improve “quality of life” by working to ensure that all residents have access to these opportunities so they may live healthy and productive lives. A continued challenge is overcoming the social and economic inequalities that exist when it comes to access to employment, transportation, affordable housing, healthy food, and other needed resources. The need to improve accessibility to these resources will be further exacerbated due to the population growth the region is projected to experience. 

Individuals over 60 years of age will make up 25% of the region’s total population by the year 2030, according to projections by the Kentucky State Data Center. Local municipalities within the region need to plan for the expansion of services required to care for the aging population. Using age friendly strategies to inform policy and development decisions regarding healthcare, building design, mobility, financial security, and community services will enable our senior and disabled populations to maintain a full and inclusive life in all our communities. 

Affordable housing was ranked as the top regional service priority in the KIPDA area. This ranking falls in line with the 2016 State of Metropolitan Housing Report that found that “43% of the total workforce in the Louisville MSA does not earn enough to afford a two-bedroom unit at Fair Market Rent without taking on excessive cost-burden. (1) ”  It’s critical to expand economic development efforts to include assessment of affordable housing options in each county, promote increased affordable housing development, and assist in funding solutions for such projects. 

Disparities in food accessibility are created by various economic, social, geographical conditions that leave many people without proper nutrition. One initiative to improve access to produce at farmers’ markets is the Double Dollars program. The program matches Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) customers’ spending, dollar for dollar, up to $20, and aims to make shopping at farmers’ markets more affordable for residents receiving government assistance. Farmers Markets in the Louisville area that participated in the Double Dollars program in 2016 were Bardstown Road, Gray Street, Phoenix Hill Nulu, and South Points farmers’ markets. Double Dollar sales for these markets in 2016 totaled $6,626.  The Phoenix Hill Nulu Farmers Market experienced a growth of 512% in just three months of Double Dollars availability. (2) 

Performance Measures
Success Stories

1. The FY2016 FMR for a two-bedroom unit within the Louisville MSA is $817 (adjusted for inflation); this is a 9 percent increase in rent from the FY2015 FMR for the same sized unit (after adjusting to 2016 dollars). http://www.metropolitanhousing.org/wp-content/uploads/member_docs/2016%20State%20of%20Metropolitan%20Housing%20Report.pdf

2. The 2016 Farmers’ Market Support Program Report can be found at http://cfaky.org/what-we-do/fmsp/

3. Taken from current draft of Louisville Comprehensive Plan Housing Goals - "LCPH"

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5. “Economic security is critical to aging in place.”, National Council on Aging’s Blueprint for Increasing Economic Security for Older Adults.

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