Implement a sustainable and multi-modal transportation system that improves connections efficiently and effectively, while improving safety and accessibility for all users in the region.

Goal 3

The KIPDA region is projected to experience a population growth of 11% by 2030. With growth comes the need to invest in the region’s infrastructure systems and this is a challenge due to the high financial cost of these resources. Infrastructure investment was rated by communities in the region as the top strategy that would benefit their economic development efforts, and included utilities, technology, and transportation needs. Investment in transportation infrastructure is needed to properly serve the mobility needs of residents and to create a thriving economy with an efficient and effective transport system. The goal of long term transportation planning is to develop strategies and actions whose cumulative impact benefits the region, leading to the more safe, affordable, and efficient movement of people and goods. 

Regional transportation planning considers how vehicular traffic, public transportation, bicylcists and pedestrians operate and interact with one another, as well as with other modes of transportation in both urban and rural areas. It also identifies current and possible future problems and develops alternative ways to address them. Those alternatives need to be considered by community leaders, technical advisors, and residents to choose the most appropriate solutions as the region grows. Specifically, counties within the region should concentrate planning efforts on infrastructure development in high density community and business areas that include public transit improvements, expansion and safety of bicycling and pedestrian pathways, and improving mobility and access for the elderly, disabled and economically disadvantaged population.

Regional transportation planning in the KIPDA region is conducted in a variety of ways, due to the relative roles and responsibilities of the KIPDA Area Development District (ADD) and the Louisville/Jefferson County KY-IN Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Each entity prepares a vision, goals and objectives for the respective jurisdictions. Many of these concepts are overarching, and the following strategies represent the commonalities between the intent of the two processes.  

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